ELENOR GILL is a New Zealand based writer with several novels to her credit,

and has been published to media acclaim and reader  popularity.

This year the New York Publisher DIVERSION BOOKS  has launch four of her works as eBooks.  Go to the “Books” page of this website for details and purchase links.

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  1. I have read every book Elenor has written and always looked avidly for the next. She writes in a compelling way – bringing story and characters to fullness. Each story is deep and fascinating. I recommend them highly. I look forward to seeing them in e-form too.


    • I just purchased a new release from Diversion Books titled Maynard’s House – an 1980 spooky haunted house novel. I checked out other Diversion Books horror titles – yours mainly. I like the sound of the synopsis. Would you say your novels are essentially those of the supernatural? These sound a bit gothic in nature – like S.K. Epperson books. Just wanted your feedback before I go and grab them all. Thanks! Keith


      • Hello Keith, and thank you for considering the purchase of my novels. Yes, everything I write is about the paranormal in some form, though all very different. Each deals with a different angle – psychism, ghosts, parallel universes etc – all based on real research or my own experience. Have you read the synopsis on the “Books” page of this site? If you go to Amazon or Goodreads, such sites offer a preview peek into the text. Do let me know if you try one. Good luck and good reading, Elenor


      • I just purchased all 4 books. I did preview a couple and liked the writing. I love the supernatural and have been reading thrillers and horror since 1978. I collect books – I have signed limited editions, first editions, advance reading copies and over 1,000 new horror paperbacks from the 1980s. Thanks goodness for e-books or else I would not have anywhere to put my reading copies. And it appears I have the most Kindle books nearly 4,000 titles. I have only read about 25% of that. But I will read one of your books next and let you know what I think.


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