WELCOME. This must  be your first visit to this site as this is my first blog. Nothing much going on here yet – I’m still trying to figure out how it all works. But soon I to be able to tell you about the re-issue of my novels  – those already published in New Zealand. Maybe I  could tell you a little about what’s going on here. Maybe even say something about what’s going on in my mind.

At the moment I am just trying to get my head around how to drive this thing!


5 thoughts on “FIRST POST

  1. Hi Elenor – made it to your site through your latest e-mail – it had a proper link in it this time to click on. This is looking good. Now you can copy the link to your facebook page, and round and round we go in circles. This is looking good so far, the links all seem to work and take you to different places. Not sure , think I’m leaving a comment in the right place. Well done and look forward to seeing developments.


  2. Welcome to Word Press! I look forward to seeing your blog grow. It is intimidating when you start (I’ve only been on here a couple months) and it can be slow growing. I hope, in the end, that it is worth the effort – for both of us. Good luck!


    • Hi Carmel, and thank you for your message. I’m glad you enjoy my work.
      Any more? American company who specialise in re-issuing back lists to a wider readership will be re-launching my backlist in April to an international readership. If all goes well there are two unpublished manuscripts waiting in the wings. Have you read All That We Remember by Zoe Adams. (That’s also me). So – watch this space!


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