Early in life Elenor developed an interest and dedication to matters of the occult and the paranormal. Along with her professional interest in psychiatry, parapsychology has inspired the subject matter for her creative writing.

Born in England, she lived for many years in Cambridge where she worked as an occupational therapist in remedial psychiatry. Her work was concerned with the rehabilitation of long term patients. Alongside both individual and group counselling, and the nurturing of practical living skills, her work involved a variety of creative therapies, such as drama, music and art. This allowed her to develop the use of creative writing as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of mental illness, which in turn gave her the opportunity to explore her own literary skills.

Elenor emigrated from England to New Zealand in 1999. She now lives on the East Coast with her husband and two cats  where she continues to write, make music and – more recently – develop an interest in creative photography and digital manipulation.


“As to subject matter, I have always been fascinated by the unusual and have felt certain that there is more to existence than the experiences our five physical senses reveal to us. When it comes to creating fictional stories, I am able to call up on a range of personal experiences, research or anecdotal references. I always anchor my plot to real events – very little is pure fiction.

“Certain aspects of the unexplained prompt me to ask “what if . . .” questions. I then explore the matter through a fictitious story, using my own experiences along with researched material. For example, in my latest work “No one Ever Dies” I am considering the relationship between a psychic medium and their spirit guide. What are the dynamics of the relationship? Do these guides not have a history? If so what do they have in common and what drew them together?

“I am fascinated by the concept of other life forms in other dimensions and what happens when the borders between worlds are broken down. What happens when different life forms meet? How do they interact? How are they changed by the encounter? If there is any harm done, then who – if anyone – is to blame? And is history always in the past? These are the ideas I explore through my writing.”

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