The Novels


MIRIAM’S TALISMAN – The story is set in Cambridgeshire, in England, a place where history andMiriamsTalisman_cover1400 (2) myth collide in Chloe’s world. An   heirloom belonging to her grandmother and a strange young man who seems to be in pursuit of it . . .

Book Of The Week – “Miriam’s Talisman – a novel skilfully layered with bookish and metaphorical depth.” The Dominion Post

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TheMoonSpunRound_cover1400 (2)THE MOON SPUN ROUND – Also set in England, in a  fictitious village in Suffolk. This area is historically connected with the activities of Matthew Hopkins, the notorious Witchfinder General. A young woman, suddenly widowed, is befriended by the women of the village.

” Elenor Gill  writes beautifully.  Her characters  are interesting  and the  theme  has fascination.  Some of  her descriptive  prose is  spellbinding.” Wairarapa Times-Age

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DreamsofOrigami_cover1400 (2)DREAMS OF ORIGAMI– Set in the Fenlands of Cambridge, a strange and atmospheric place. A reporter, investigating a sudden disappearance from an old schoolhouse, teams up with a psychic investigator.

“Elegantly narrated, embellished by dreams and a feeling of forces out of control, the novel oozes evil and foreboding.”

Sunday Canberra Times

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AllThatWeRemember_cover1400 (2)What if our memories appear to belong to someone else? ALL THAT WE REMEMBER  is a ghost story – or is it? Originally published under the name Zoe Adams, this story explores the relationship between memory and self-identity.

“…a thriller, a ghost story and a love story, in language that is in parts both lyrical and very beautiful.” Hawks Bay Today

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Paperback format only (published  by HarperCollins)cover In the Shadow of Trees


IN THE SHADOW OF TREES  Set in New Zealand where a talented sculptress running from an emotionally traumatic relationship, is discovering the heart of the bush. She also discovers how the early Irish settlers brought more than legends to the new country.

“Mystery, fantasy and romance lovers will lose themselves in this novel… Steeped in Celtic myth and druidism…this is not a stock standard thriller. Gill generates considerable tension in a story that will keep you hanging to the last.”

The Sunday Times, Australia

 I am proud to be included in this anthology of short stories. It is the result of a spontaneous and totally independent collaboration by writers from the Word|Link Literary Agency. Cover Obscured Vision


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